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Assessment and IQA Resources

Are you an Assessor or IQA undertaking your TAQA Qualifications?

If you are currently undertaking your Assessor or IQA qualifications, then you should find the resources below helpful when studying and researching for the knowledge units of the qualification, helping you to prepare for any on site visits from you assessor or helping you to plan to carry out assessment or IQA with your learners as part of the practice element of the competence units.
If you are already qualified but have not been practicing for a while then the resources should help you to refresh and update your knowledge to ensure you are operating in line with any recent changes to assessment criteria, legislation or regulatory requirements.
You may also find some of our templates useful if you are looking to update how your centre operates.

Types of Assessment

There are different types of assessment that are carried out for different purposes and at different times. The attached fact-sheet details information on informal, formal, initial, formative and summative assessment, and guides you on how, when and where to use each type.

Download our fact sheet on ‘Types of Assessment’ here:              Free Download

The Role of an Assessor

The role of an assessor can be varied and different depending upon the organisation you work for, your vocational specialism and any regulations of your awarding organisation. The principles of the assessor role however are very similar. The attached fact-sheet sets out in detail the expectations of how to become an assessor and understanding the role when qualified.

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