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Important Things to Know About the Assessor Training Course


An NVQ Assessor’s role is to monitor and assess others who are working towards their NVQs, or National Vocational Qualifications. The assessor’s purpose is to help those students to get the high standards needed to obtain certificates and qualifications from NVQ courses. In addition to helping students to complete these courses, they are also there to teach and educate the students by providing programs, workshops and learning experiences which relate to the NVQ. They will also be able to help guide NVQ students in their education, ensuring that everyone undertaking the course can graduate.


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In order to be able to perform the role of an NVQ assessor, it is necessary to have completed an assessor training course. These would previously qualify the person taking them for the A1 TAQ awards, which was the first, and most basic, standard which assessors must have obtained in order to be able to assess others for NVQs. However, in recent years, this has been overtaken by the Assessor Certificate or Award for NVQ/QCF testing. While the A1 awards are still applicable, for anyone seeking to start training for the first time will need to have the new award, and current assessors will also have to take an assessor training course in order to re-qualify for the certificate.


Although there might seem to be little reason for the new award, in fact changes in legislation have meant that the NVQ has now been converted into part of the Qualifications and Credits Framework program. This means that anyone assessing an NVQ must now be able to apply their standards of testing to the new Evidence Requirements. There are also different levels of assessments for non-work and vocational training in a particular setting. This means that the assessor training course is essential, in order to demonstrate exactly what has changed about the assessment process.


Find out more about how to become a Qualified NVQ Assessor by clicking HERE 


There are several different levels of qualification which can be taught through assessor training courses, including learning how to evaluate people within the workplace, and understanding achievement in vocational locations. These courses are designed to help those on the course to evaluate people correctly, and ensure that their assessments meet the current standard required. These units should also allow those undertaking the full assessment qualification to understand the new NVQ award standard, and to meet them in everyday situations. All of these courses are dedicated to helping students to undertake the role of assessors in NVQ learning environments.


Those who have already qualified as assessors, as well as those starting on the qualifications that are required, will have to have taken these new assessor training courses before they can start to assess those undertaking NVQs. The importance of these qualifications, and the new learning processes which go with them, mean that NVQ and QCF students can get more out of the process, and can learn more about what they need to do in order to gain these qualifications. They also show assessors how to help students to learn, and how to handle their situations to ensure that NVQ standards are met.


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