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Assessor Training Distance Learning


Assessor Training Distance Learning :: The Right Step into the Teaching Profession


Assessors are in high demand, particularly those who can handle NVQ assessments and similar. This job is regular, and can act as a second career alongside another role. This means that it is a favourite of those who want to gain a foothold in the teaching profession, but do not have the qualifications to take up a tutor or professional role in universities and colleges. When considering assessor training, distance learning can be the ideal solution, allowing trainees to both study at their convenience, and get the skills they need to become a professional NVQ assessor.


With an Assessor training distance learning course, trainees will be expected to have an understanding of a particular industry. This will form the basis of your assessor knowledge and practice. You will also have to find a student or two, who will be your practice subjects. Many online colleges understand that trainee assessors will already have students in mind, either from their own career, or through people they know. Some may also offer to provide students if none are available to the assessor. Distance learning courses will also show you how to manage the paperwork which being an assessor requires, as well as teaching you professional skills which will include working with colleagues to enhance student learning.


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Assessor training distance learning courses often begin by teaching the trainee the roles and duties of an assessor. This unit is often described as the principles and practices of assessing, and is a theory-based unit which will teach the basics involved in assessing students for NVQ courses, or other types of certificate and award. Once the trainee has completed this unit, they will then start to have practice sessions with their students, under the guidance of the tutor. The tutor will not only show the trainee how to handle their students, but will provide them with a basic model of assessment in a practical sense.


Tutors are also designed to act as assessors to the trainees taking the course. In this role, they will help the student to get the practical evidence the award requires, and also develop learning goals which they can then negotiate with the student. There are several units like this which will help the trainee and their student to achieve their qualifications, and also provide a sensible and work-based platform where the assessor can begin to understand their role in learning.


Find out more about how to become a Qualified NVQ Assessor by clicking HERE 


Assessor training distance learning courses are different from those taken at college or at a vocational centre. This is because the emphasis is upon the trainee to motivate themselves, and to learn the skills that they need, while the course provider will supply theoretical training and support for the trainee. This means that online learning is much more focused upon the skills of the individual, which can benefit assessors, as it allows them to fit neatly into a role which they understand. Taking this course through distance learning provides a faster, more beneficial route towards achieving the assessor role.


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