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3 Aug 2012

CTLLS is being abolished….

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Have you read the interim report, ‘Professionalism in Further Education’? Click here if you haven’t. It contains some important recommendations for changes to PTLLS, CTLLS, and DTLLS that you should know about.




The report concerns all areas of teacher training and qualifications in the lifelong learning sector. Affected areas are lifelong learning qualifications (PTLLS, CTLLS and DTLLS), licenses to practice, ATLS and QTLS, compulsory membership of IfL, and compulsory CPD.


Some of the changes are designed to make the qualifications more reflective of the whole sector, rather than just further education colleges. As you know, lifelong learning is a diverse sector and the way that things are done in further education establishments is not necessarily a blueprint for other lifelong learning, such as work based learning and community education. This change means that the qualifications better represent a wide range of teaching and training environments.


Significantly, if you’re thinking of starting a CTLLS qualification, you’ll no longer need to.  The interim report recommends that the CTLLS qualification and ATLS status is abolished. You can now go straight from PTLLS to DTLLS (being renamed the Certificate in Further Education). There is also a new Diploma in FE at Level 7 for those who wish to obtain the highest professional levels in FE. You’ll now be required to obtain QTLS only.


PTLLS is still very much relevant if you teach or train in the lifelong learning sector, but Haynes does suggest some changes. See our article Some changes to PTLLS that you should know about.


The proposed changes will come into effect in September 2013. If you have existing PTLLS, CTLLS, or DTLLS qualifications they will continue to be recognised.  


Please let us know how you feel about the changes.


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