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TAQA Assessor Update Course
20 Jan 2016

Do you Need to update your D32/33 or A1/A2 Assessor Qualifications?

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In 2010 Lifelong Learning UK – the Sector Skills Council for Learning and Development, in consultation with Employers, Practitioners and Awarding Organisations, developed a new set of Assessor, Verifier and External Verifier Qualifications. These are known as the TAQA (Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance) units / suite of qualifications. They replaced the old D32/33/34 and A1/A2 Assessor and Verifier qualifications.

Is my old Assessor Qualification still valid?

  • Ofqual have confirmed that there is no mandatory requirement to requalify to the new TAQA units, however, If you achieved your assessor qualifications as either the D32 or A1 units prior to 2010, and have not been regularly assessing since then, you may find that prospective employers will require you to have evidenced CPD or undertaken an ‘update’ course to refresh and maintain your knowledge in the field of Assessment and the new frameworks.

What are the main differences between the old Assessor and Verifier qualifications and the new TAQA Qualifications?

  • This new suite of qualifications contains a much stronger knowledge base than previously and this is evidenced by the mandatory knowledge unit in each of the qualifications.
  • The TAQA qualifications have been written for QCF so are credit valued, written on the QCF template, have QCF levels – which differ from NVQ levels, they are available as awards and certificates.
  • They are open to anyone who is carrying out assessment and quality assurance roles – not just for those working with NVQs as previously.
  • They have been developed for those working in accredited learning, non-accredited learning, the NQF and the QCF, and can be used by people who do not assess qualifications but who assess competence in the workplace.
  • There is a unit specifically designed for assessors who do not assess competence in the workplace enabling assessors who only work in training environments to be able to access the qualification.
  • There is a new unit and qualification for quality assurance staff who manage the work of teams of assessors (a ‘lead IV’ role) and this includes a unit imported from the Management Standards Council (MSC) units of assessment.

How do I update myself on all of the new changes to the TAQA suite of qualifications?

  • There are no formally accredited courses for this subject area, however organisations that deliver the TAQA Qualifications may develop update courses to fulfil the requirement of ensuring that all assessors and verifiers are working in line with the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Learning and Development.

Concept Academies delivers a one day ‘TAQA Update Course’ to refresh and maintain your knowledge in the field of Assessment. This ‘TAQA Update Course’ is designed to enable you to understand the differences in the new frameworks, structure and delivery of the new suite of TAQA qualifications and also provide a refresher of some of the underpinning knowledge and understanding around the basic principles of assessment to enable you to assess with renewed confidence.

A CPD certificate will be issued to all individuals at the end of the one-day course.

For more details of our dates, venues and costs for these courses visit our website page here:

TAQA Assessor Update Course

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