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Level 3 Award in Education and Training (3 Day Classroom Course)

What is the Qualification?

The role of the ‘lifelong learning sector’ is quite varied; it encompasses further education, higher education, work based training, voluntary sector learning, Adult and community learning, in-house company training in fact it covers anything which is not compulsory initial education. If you wish to work as a Teacher, Trainer or Assessor in any post 16 Education, (part-time or full time), then you will need a formal teaching qualification. The ‘Level 3 Award in Education and Training’ is the entry level qualification accepted by Awarding Bodies as the minimum requirement for this purpose.

 This introductory, knowledge-based initial teaching / training qualification has no minimum ‘in-service’ teaching practice requirements, meaning it can be undertaken by individuals who are not yet in a teaching role, however it is also suitable for teachers or trainers who are working within this field but need a formal qualification for their accreditation or CPD requirements.

 The course will teach you all the basics of how to prepare, plan, deliver, assess and review teaching sessions with learners to meet quality requirements required by Awarding Organisations.

 Our classroom based courses are delivered by dynamic, experienced trainers who are experts in their field and the course content is delivered through activities, discussion groups, videos and engaging learner focused materials.

What is the structure of the Qualification?

The Level 3 Award in Education and Training 12 credit Qualification of 48 guided learning hours.

The qualification consists of 3 units:

Unit 1 – Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training   

3 Credits / 12 Guided Learning Hours

In this Unit learners will study:

  • The role responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher in Education and lifelong learning roles (incorporating the teaching, learning and assessment cycle)
  • How to create a safe and supportive learning environment (both physical and emotional)
  • The relationships between teachers and other professionals within the Education and Training fields

Unit 4 – Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches in Education and Training              

6 Credits / 24  Guided Learning Hours

In this Unit learners will study:

  • Teaching and Learning approaches within Education and training (including  Learning theories, Learning Styles and Learning strategies)
  • How to create an engaging, motivating and inclusive, teaching and learning environment

This Unit also includes a practical ‘Micro-Teach’ where through an individual teaching and feedback session, learners will:

  • Be able to plan an inclusive teaching and learning session
  • Be able to deliver an inclusive teaching and learning session
  • Be able to evaluate the delivery of an inclusive teaching and learning session

Unit 5 – Understanding Assessment in Education and Training    

 3 Credits / 12 Guided Learning Hours

In this Unit learners will study:

  • Types and methods of assessment used in Education and Training
  • How to involve learners and others in the assessment process
  • The role and use of constructive feedback in the assessment process
  • The requirements for keeping records of assessment in Education and Training

How is the qualification delivered?

Unlike colleges, our Level 3 Education and Training Courses are focused, intense and delivered in a shorter time frame to get you trained, assessed and qualified in a quality and effective way. Concept Academies uses a blended learning approach in delivering the level 3 EAT Award. 

The Award is delivered as follows:

  • Online pre course work and Induction
  •  3 day (consecutive) classroom learning – This includes the Micro-Teach Session
  •  Post Course Assignments
  •  Reflective Journal
  • Full post workshop support is available through a dedicated assessor / mentor and a full suite of resources on our Virtual Learning Environment

Please note – you have 8 weeks in which to complete your assignment / post course work after your classroom course.


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