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Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

Whether you wish to assess in the workplace, a classroom or a workshop based training environment, the new TAQA (Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance) suite of qualifications will enable you become a recognised qualified assessor, quickly and professionally.

COST £795 inclusive

You might know the Level 3 TAQA QCF NVQ Assessor Training Course as the A1.  The new TAQA QCF NVQ Assessor Training Course replaces the A1, which has been phased out.

The level 3 certificate is a full assessor qualification which enables you to assess in both workplace and vocational environments.

What is the Qualification?

In order to be able to assess learners undertaking formal accredited learning, whether in the workplace or within a classroom or training environment you must hold an Assessor Qualification.

The level 3 Certificate is a full assessor qualification which enables you to assess in both workplace and vocational environments. This qualification is most like the old A1 or D32/33 Units which have now been replaced with this new qualification which is known as CAVA ( Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement)

The new Suite of Assessor qualifications consists of 3 units:

 Unit 1: Understand the Principles and Practices of assessment (Mandatory Unit)

(Credit value 3 / Guided learning hours 24)

This is a knowledge based unit and is designed to enable learners to have a full and comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of assessment. This is a mandatory unit for anybody wishing to become an assessor.

Please note that this is a knowledge based unit only and does not, on its own, qualify you to carry out assessments. The qualification is suitable for aspiring assessors, or managers and supervisors who are required to have an understanding of the assessment process. You do not need to carry out any assessment activities with learners to achieve this.

Unit 2: Assess Occupational Competence in the work environment

(Credit Value 6 / Guided learning hours 30)

This is a competence / performance based unit designed to enable learners to demonstrate that they are able to assess students to confirm their occupational competence in a work environment. (This will be demonstrated and evidenced by observations of performance in the work environment, examining products of work and questioning the learner)

This unit is for practitioners who will be required to assess competence in the workplace only. The assessments might be towards a qualification, a programme of learning or to confirm an employees competence towards their job specification.

Unit 3: Assess Vocational Skills, Knowledge and Understanding

(Credit Value 6 / Guided learning hours 30)

This is a competence / performance based unit designed to enable learners to demonstrate that they are able to assess students outside of the work environment in a training room or classroom, a workshop or any other training environment. (This will be demonstrated and evidenced by skills tests, oral and written questions, assignments, projects, case studies or simulations)

This Unit is for practitioners who will be required to assess competence in the training environment (workshops, classrooms or other training centres) only.


How is the Qualification Delivered?

Concept Academies used a blended learning approach in delivering the Assessor suite of Qualifications.  Induction and learning are done through our e-learning portal allowing you to work at your own pace, download key documentation and paperwork and have access to a range of learning resources.  Direct observation and assessment for the skills requirements, can be carried out in a variety of ways; Your tutor / assessor may make on-site visits to you, skype or video recordings may be used, or it may be possible to arrange for an in-house assessor to conduct your observations. On-site visits with our assessors will be fully facilitated at times to suit your preferences.


All learners go through a thorough on-line Induction process prior to commencing upon their chosen qualification. This ensures you understand the qualification that you will be undertaking, how you will be assessed, as well as your course handbook which details company and learner policies and procedures.

Unit 1

Our modern interactive on-line learning system then delivers the knowledge required for Unit 1. This ensures that you have good background knowledge about the role of the assessor, the principles of assessment and assessment methodologies, how to plan, deliver and make assessment decisions, understand the quality assurance process of assessment and understand the legal, regulatory and best practices in relation to assessment. This is followed by a workbook and portfolio based evidence collection.

(It is possible in some instances to undertake this unit  at the same time as the competency units. This will be dictated by experience levels.)

The Competency Units – Unit 2 and 3

Concept Academies recognises that each candidate is unique and their workplace environment will be completely different, and a ‘Learner Centred Approach’ is therefore conducted with learners. The Competency Units are therefore delivered by a series of observations with their nominated assessor, who will guide the learner through the collection of required evidence such as professional discussions, learner reflective journals, and workplace products of evidence. Each learner will have an Individual Learning Plan, followed by a series of assessment planning and feedback documents, in order that they are clear on expectations and timescales.  Ongoing feedback and discussion sessions will take place via Skype, telephone, email or face to face where location permits.(Additional travel costs may be payable for on-site visits outside of our normal travel areas, if we are unable to identify a suitably qualified assessor in your location to carry out witness testimonies for observations).

During the learning period for the competence units, each learner must undertake:

  • A minimum of two assessments of occupational competence with at least two of their own students (ie. four assessments in total) – using laid down assessment methods (Unit 2)
  • A minimum of two assessments of two student’s skills, knowledge and understanding (ie. four assessments in total) – using laid down assessment methods (Unit 3)

These are mandatory laid down assessment requirements of the awarding body.


Candidates can work at their own pace with agreed benchmarks for progress with their assessor. Concept Academies allows up to a maximum of 12 months for candidates to progress through the qualification, although realistically most candidates achieve the qualification within a 3-6 month period. However, if learners have ongoing access to their candidates, the qualification is easily achievable within the minimum 12 week period. Your end date will be formally agreed with you.

The average length of time taken to complete the qualification is between 3 – 6 months.

Start times are immediate and ongoing.


What are the eligibility requirements?

In order to undertake this qualification (with the exception of Unit 1 only) you must:

  • Have access to 2 candidates undertaking a formal assessed qualification to laid down standards

    *Please note that we are unable to supply candidates for learners*

  • Be over 19 years of age.
  • Be involved in an assessment team to demonstrate standardisation meetings and practices.
  • Be competent in the subject area you are intending to assess in.
  • Undertake a functional skills assessment to confirm an acceptable knowledge of Maths and English.
  • Be IT literate and have access to a computer / internet / Skype (or other video conferencing programme), and Microsoft office compatible software.

All of our e-learning systems are android / IPad compatible

Have access to a printer, scanner and email for forwarding and uploading evidence

If you meet all of the eligibility requirements and wish to proceed, please call us on 02476 889402 where we can check your eligibility and commence the formal enrolment process.

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