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Level 4 Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice


  1. What is the Qualification?

The main role of the Internal Verifier is to support and advise assessors, along with monitoring the quality of their work; although there is now more importance and responsibility placed upon the role for Quality Assurance practices hence the new name IQA (Internal Quality Assurer).

The original Internal Verifier  / Moderator Qualification was the D34, which was subsequently replaced by the V1, which many people still know and refer to; however the new qualification is now known as the IQA (QCF).

The qualification is required by any Quality Assurance Staff monitoring QCF or NVQ Qualifications; however it is also required by anybody who is monitoring the quality of assessment which confirms occupational competence against any National Occupational Standards.

If you already hold the D34 or V1 qualification you do not need to requalify, but must be aware of practicing to the new standards and maintaining CPD.

The most popular qualification is the Level 4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice’, which consists of Unit 1 and Unit 2 as detailed below. This is a 12 credit and 90 guided learning hour qualification.

 The new Suite of IQA qualifications consists of 3 units:

 Unit 1: Understanding the principles and practices of Internally Assuring the Quality of Assessment         (Mandatory Unit)             (Credit value 6 / Guided learning hours 45)

 This is a knowledge based unit and is designed to enable learners to develop a full and comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of Internally Assuring the Quality of Assessment. This is a mandatory unit for anybody wishing to become an Internal Verifier / Quality Assurer.

 Please note that this is a knowledge based unit only and does not, on its own, qualify you to carry out internal verification processes with Assessors. The unit  is suitable for aspiring QA’s, or teachers, trainers, programme managers, course leaders or staff working in quality departments both in private training organisations and colleges or further education establishments.

 The unit can be undertaken as a standalone unit or it is a mandatory unit for both the award and certificate qualifications.

 Unit 2: Internally Assure the Quality of Assessment

(Credit Value 6 / Guided learning hours 45)

 This is a competence based unit designed to assess the performance of a learning and development practitioner with responsibility for the internal quality assurance of assessment. It is intended for IQA’s who monitor assessors and their work, but do not have responsibility for the full management of a team of assessors. This unit gives you the opportunity to put into practice the principles and requirements of Internal Quality Assurance in a real working context and identify ways to develop and improve your practice.

 (This unit is assessed in a workplace environment and all evidence for this unit must come from performance in the work environment. Please note ‘simulation is not allowed’)

 This unit is for practitioners who will be required to Internally Quality Assure Assessors / Assessment Decisions.

 Unit 3: Plan, Allocate and Monitor Work in Own Area of Responsibility

(Credit Value 5 / Guided learning hours 25)

 This Unit is for people who lead the IQA Team and have responsibility for managing the quality of assessment process, practice and performance of assessors and who may be involved in developing systems to support this. Evidence of leading visits from outside agencies such as Awarding bodies (EV / SV Visits) is also a key part of this unit. 

  1. How is the Qualification Delivered?

Concept Academies used a blended learning approach in delivering the IQA suite of Qualifications.  Induction and learning are done through our e-learning portal allowing you to work at your own pace, download key documentation and paperwork, and have access to a range of learning resources.  


All learners go through a thorough on-line Induction process prior to commencing upon their chosen qualification. This ensures you understand the qualification that you will be undertaking, how you will be assessed, as well as your course handbook which details company and learner policies and procedures.

 Unit 1

Our modern interactive on-line learning system then delivers the knowledge required for Unit 1. This ensures that you have good background knowledge about the role of the IQA, the context and principles of Internal Quality Assurance, how to plan the internal quality assurance of assessment, the criteria and techniques for monitoring the quality of assessment internally, how to internally maintain and improve the quality of assessment, how to manage the information relevant to the internal quality assurance of assessment, and finally be able to understand the legal and good practice requirements for the internal quality assurance of assessment.

This is followed by a series of small tasks and assignments to demonstrate an understanding of the knowledge requirements. Learners will be encouraged to use their own centre examples and apply the knowledge within their own job related environment. This will assist in compiling a small portfolio based evidence collection.

(It is possible in many instances to undertake this unit  at the same time as the competency units. This will be dictated by experience levels and access to assessors within the working environment.)

The Competency Units – Unit 2 and  3

Concept Academies recognises that each candidate is unique and their workplace environment will be completely different, and a ‘Learner Centred Approach’ is therefore conducted with learners. The Competency Units are therefore delivered by a series of Assessment Plans developed with their nominated assessor, who will guide the learner through the collection of required evidence such as professional discussions, learner reflective journals, and workplace products of evidence. Each learner will have an Individual Learning Plan, followed by a series of assessment planning and feedback documents, in order that they are clear on expectations and timescales.  Ongoing feedback and discussion sessions will take place via Skype, telephone, email and face to face workplace visits.

Unit 2

Please note that as a minimum assessment for this unit must include:

  • Monitoring of at least 2 assessors – each with a minimum of two candidates of their own. You will need to IQA two assessments that each assessor has assessed and provide evidence of this. We provide full guidance on this and how you can gather the evidence.
  • The direct range of evidence our assessors must include with you as a learner on the IQA programme includes – observation of practice, examination of products of work and questioning of you the learner.
  • Supplementary evidence will be produced from professional discussions, work products, paperwork and systems evidence, witness testimonies, meeting minutes and informal and formal records.
  • Reflective practice / journal (record of learning) is also encouraged as portfolio evidence

Unit 3

For this unit which specifically relates to managing a team of IQA’s and the overall requirement of programme quality, learners must be in a position to provide evidence of setting targets and monitoring progress and development of individuals, working with an EQA and EQA quality visit requirements.

Evidence for this unit must include:

  • Evidence of working with real learners / staff or customers in a real organisational context. (ie. not simulated)
  • Primary assessment for this unit must include observation of performance in a work environment and examining products of work (possible staff PDP’s / EQA visit reports / Action plans etc.,)
  • Supplementary evidence will be produced from professional discussions, work products, paperwork and systems evidence, witness testimonies, meeting minutes and informal and formal records

These are mandatory laid down assessment requirements of the awarding body.


  1. Timescales

Candidates can work at their own pace with agreed benchmarks for progress with their assessor. Concept Academies allows a maximum of 12 months for candidates to progress through the qualification, although realistically most candidates achieve the qualification within an average timespan of a 3-6 month period. However, if learners have ongoing access to their assessors, the qualification is easily achievable within the minimum 10 week period.

 Start times are immediate and ongoing.

  1. What are the eligibility requirements?

In order to undertake this qualification (with the exception of Unit 1 only) you must:

  • Have completed your TAQA Assessor Qualifications or hold A1 / D32 / D33 Awards and have experience of the assessment process
  • Have access to 2 Assessors – each assessing 2 candidates
  • Be over 19 years of age.
  • Be involved in an assessment team to demonstrate standardisation meetings and practices.
  • Be competent in the subject area you are Internally Quality Assuring in.
  • Undertake a functional skills assessment to confirm an acceptable knowledge of Maths and English.
  • Be IT literate and have access to a computer / internet / Skype (or other video conferencing programme), and Microsoft office compatible software.(All of our e-learning systems are android / IPad / laptop compatible)
  • Have access to a printer, scanner and email for forwarding and uploading evidence.
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