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Management Courses

Lite Bites

A selection of small 2 hour ‘energiser’ courses that can be delivered via short classroom delivery sessions or our modern e-learning platform.

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Our Management Courses are designed to be run as individual standalone courses or they can be run as units towards a management qualification.

We offer CPD courses to update and maintain knowledge in key subject areas and also level 3 qualifications in Management.

Problem Solving

1 Day

Using the right tools and approach to problem solving will ensure that the root cause of problems is always identified and dealt with rather than the sticking plaster approach which only ever deals with the superficial symptoms.

This course will give delegates proven tools and techniques to breakdown problems, Identify root cause, and use creativity to identify and implement long term and successful solutions.

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Time Management

1 Day

Time Management is not just about ‘to do lists’ and Organisation. Whilst these are important, understanding how to prioritise effectively, focus on the difference between urgency and importance, and understanding how to use and manage today’s ever increasing technology effectively  will all help to provide a usable and sustainable approach to day to day management of workflow.

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2. LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT SKILLS - Whether you call yourself a 'Manager' or 'Leader', success in business today depends upon how you manage others to achieve results. Technical ability is no longer enough; the development of a highly motivated and skilled workforce ensuring optimum output for the organisation at all times is essential. The following courses will help you to manage and develop individuals and teams to achieve individual and organisational goals.
3. INTERPERSONAL AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS - The ability to communicate well is a fundamental requirement for success in any job. The following courses will help to develop the practical skills of communication as well as understanding the behavioural psychology and emotional aspects of dealing with people.
4. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SKILLS - The rapidly evolving business world requires continuous development of new skills within it's workforce to move the business forward, through re-engineering of processes, managing costs, expansion or downsizing and many other skills necessary in this fast paced world of change. The following courses will develop skills that can be practically applied to demonstrate direct business benefits.

Understanding and Facilitating Behaviours in the learning environment

Cost: £99

Overview: A one day workshop for new and experienced teachers / trainers to gain a better understanding of learner behaviours in order to run highly motivational and inclusive workshops

What you will gain from the workshop:

  • Strategies for handling different learner behaviours
  • Confidence to manage the training environment, learners and yourself
  • Self-awareness of your own training styles and behavioural preferences
  • Communication techniques to help you ‘respond’ rather than ‘react’ to learners


  • The Model of ‘Trainer/Learner Behaviours’
  • Understanding learner motivations
  • Managing difficult learners, and identification of the root causes of difficult behaviour
  • Emotional Intelligence in the learning environment
  • Managing conflict for win-win situations
  • Professional guidelines for handling extreme and unacceptable behaviours

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'Management Essentials'

Management Essentials are a series of workshops which can help you or your staff to become more effective and efficient in present and future job roles. They can be run as in-house courses and personalised to organisational needs, or delivered as open programmes. They are most effective when delivered as part of a structured Management Development Programme. Most of our workshops can be mapped towards credits for a range of management qualifications with leading awarding bodies towards Awards, Certificates and Diplomas at various levels. Take a look at our portfolio of courses below which have been categorised to help you identify quickly and efficiently the subject areas you require.
1. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SKILLS - There are many demands today on time and resources, which make it increasingly challenging to be as efficient and effective as possible. People who invest time and energy into increasing their self awareness, learning new things and developing themselves will be able to move with the increased pace of today's business environment. The following courses will provide strategies, tools and techniques to maximise personal success with minimal stress.

1.1  Personal Effectiveness

Learn how to…..


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1.2  Assertiveness




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1,3 Time Management Skills

Learn how to……..



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