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27 Oct 2012

New tougher tests for trainee teachers

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You might have heard about the new, tougher test for trainee teachers and those entering their teaching career. Basically, any new entries to teaching courses will have to complete more thorough pre-entry tests to raise the status of the teaching sector and more challenging English and Maths tests.



The new English test will contain rigorous spelling and grammar tests, along with writing and reasoning skills assessments. And calculators have been banned from maths tests which will include more algebra and higher level maths equations.


The pass mark cut off will also be raised, so new trainee teachers will have to answer more questions right in order to pass.


These key changes were recommended by an independent review group of leading head teachers and education experts as part of the Government’s focus on raining the standards in the teaching profession and the education system.


At the moment, trainee teachers have to pass basic numeracy and literacy tests, and these can be taken at any time during their training. They used to be able to re-sit the tests as many times as they liked too. Under the new rules, trainee teachers will have to take the maths and English tests before they start their teacher training course, and they will only get two chances to pass.


The old tests were being passed by about 98% of trainee teachers, which called into question their substance.


The Education Secretary, Michael Gove, said:


“The evidence from around the world is clear – rigorous selection of trainee teachers is key to raising the quality and standing of the teaching profession.


These changes will mean that parents can be confident that we have the best teachers coming into our classrooms. Above all, it will help ensure we raise standards in our schools and close the attainment gap between the rich and poor.”


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