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22 Nov 2012

PTLLS Fast Track Training Courses



I was chatting to an External Verifier earlier this year, and amongst other things we started to discuss the huge amount of training providers that provide ‘Fast Track PTLLS’ training courses, usually over 5 days.




To set the scene here, ‘Fast Track PTLLS’ training courses are PTLLS courses that quite simply mean you start on a Monday, and FULLY COMPLETE by the Friday of the same week.  These are sometimes marketed as ‘5 Day PTLLS Training Courses’.


The discussion we had was based around learning outcomes, quality of learning, assignment content and quality and meeting the assessment criteria.


As we now all know, the new PTLLS qualification has a Guided Learning Hours (GLH) of 120.  So the first thing we discussed is ‘how do training providers meet the GLH of the course over a period of 5 days?’.  The answer we both came up with is that they simply don’t – otherwise learners would not sleep at all for those 5 days!


This then lead us to discuss the quality o f provision and of training and assessment by these training providers.  The External Verifier explained to me that she was consistently seeing  the ‘bare minimum’ produced by learners, that sometimes met the assessment criteria at Level 3 and vary rarely met the assessment criteria at Level 4.  She also explained that a lot of training centres were under sanction to improve their practice, assessment and delivery methods to ensure they meet the high quality expected by Awarding bodies.  Furthermore, she also stated that most Awarding Bodies are going to be clamping down in 2013 on rogue training providers that are quite simply ‘taking learners money and running’, without delivering subject knowledge that the learner has paid to receive.


More worryingly, certificates are being handed out to learners that have ‘achieved’ their PTLLS course, and not fully understanding how they have done it.  It has also become apparent that PTLLS qualified individuals are going in to teaching or training roles that are not fully equipped with the knowledge they should have learn’t on these so called ‘fast track courses’.  This has ended up with individuals being dismissed from teaching / training posts whilst still in probation or going on to capability monitoring via their HR department.


I have also discovered that a lot of training providers that deliver PTLLS are using trainers that have never been in teaching at all, and have simply completed a PTLLS course to then start delivering it themselves.


Can you afford to pay twice because of receiving sub standard training in the first place from rogue training providers that are using trainers with no teaching experience at all?


At Concept Academies, all of our staff are qualified to degree level, with experience in real teaching environments in Public Sector teaching provision prior to delivering our teacher training courses.  We use the full 120 GLH to ensure you get the maximum out of your course, and so that you can go in to your new role as a Teacher or Trainer fully armed with the correct knowledge to deliver highly engaging and inclusive sessions.


Our PTLLS training courses are challenging – as they should be.  That means that when you achieve your PTLLS qualification with us, you will have earned it through sheer hard work.


Our PTLLS training courses are run in the following locations:


Birmingham | Cardiff | Coventry | Swansea | Sheffield | Bristol | Wolverhampton | Tamworth | Lichfield | Leicester | Leeds | Stoke on Trent | West Midlands | Warwickshire


For more information on how we deliver and assess our 3 day PTLLS course including costs and start dates, click HERE


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